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2024 Digital Fitness Insights: User Engagement & Preferences  


In the era of digital transformation, the fitness industry is undergoing a revolution, with virtual platforms redefining digital user engagement with their fitness and wellness routines. 

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In this podcast, Paul Bowman, Wexer CEO, sits down with Morten Andersen, Wexer Global Head of Content, to unveil the year’s digital fitness insights into user engagement and preferences, emerging trends, and what to expect in 2024.

Morten Andersen is responsible for strategic planning and execution of the Wexer content and client strategy and guiding team members. With a career entrenched in sports and fitness, and nearly a decade of data analysis experience at Wexer, Morten is a distinguished authority in the field.

2023 Digital Fitness Data Review

In 2023, the fitness industry witnessed an unparalleled surge in digital engagement, with platforms like Wexer Mobile leading the charge. The year’s review reveals significant trends in user engagement, workout preferences, and the evolving landscape of digital wellness. As individuals worldwide continue to blend technology with their fitness regimes, understanding these trends becomes crucial for anyone looking to navigate the future of health and wellness.

It’s become increasingly clear that virtual components are not just a luxury but a necessity in the modern fitness realm. Wexer Mobile, a leading platform in virtual fitness solutions, exemplified this shift, experiencing growth across all areas of its service. The platform’s expansion included the addition of over 1200 classes, workouts, and wellness activities, catering to a diverse range of fitness and wellness needs. 

This article delves into the trends observed on Wexer Mobile in 2023, analyzing user engagement and preferences, workout duration trends, popular digital workout times, and favorite workouts.

1. User Engagement and Preferences: A Shift Towards Personalized Fitness

Digital fitness platforms have seen a marked increase in user engagement, with a significant shift towards personalized workout experiences. Users now prefer programs that cater to their specific fitness goals, schedules, and preferences, moving away from one-size-fits-all solutions. This trend underscores the importance of offering a diverse range of workouts and wellness content, from high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to mindfulness and meditation sessions.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technologies offer the potential to deliver highly personalized fitness content by analyzing user data to recommend tailored workouts. Morten highlights the importance of recognizing user behavior to gain key digital fitness insights for enhancing engagement and satisfaction. 

“The winners within virtual are definitely going to be the platform that can provide a 360 genre-driven platform where they have everything. I do think wellness is going to be a dominating factor.”

~ Morten Anderson, Wexer Global Head of Content ~

As virtual fitness platforms advance, personalized fitness experiences are expected to remain essential in meeting users’ diverse needs.

In 2023, Wexer Mobile users showed a clear preference for a variety of fitness and wellness content. The most popular category was ‘Strength’, capturing 19.4% of total usage. This preference for strength training, particularly full body and core-focused workouts, highlights a desire for workouts that offer clear outcomes and can be performed in any setting, even with limited space. The ‘Stretch & Recovery’ category followed closely, accounting for 16.5% of usage, reflecting a growing emphasis on physical and mental well-being. Yoga, with 15.3% of usage, also saw a significant leap in popularity, driven by the platform’s extensive library of styles, from intense flow classes to meditative sessions. This mix of preferences underscores a holistic approach to fitness and wellness, combining physical strength, flexibility, and mental health.

Top Workout Trend Categories

  1. Strength
  2. Stretch and Recovery
  3. Yoga
  4. Bootcamp
  5. Dance
  6. Cardio
  7. Cycling
  8. Pilates
  9. Wellness
  10. Boxing and Fighting

A notable trend is the rising popularity of shorter workout durations, with nearly 80% of users opting for sessions under 30 minutes in length. This trend reflects the busy lifestyles of today’s fitness enthusiasts, who seek effective, time-efficient workouts that can easily fit into their daily schedules. It highlights the need for digital fitness platforms to offer concise, impactful sessions without compromising on quality or results, particularly as virtual fitness gains traction outside traditional gym settings. 

Users are also combining multiple short workouts to create longer sessions, highlighting a desire for adaptable and modular fitness options.

Another trend highlighted is the gradual integration of wellness-focused content, albeit at a slower rate compared to other digital fitness insights and trends. The industry’s increasing focus on wellness content indicates its growing significance within the fitness sphere. Overall, factors suggest workout trends are moving towards shorter, customizable, and comprehensive fitness experiences tailored to individual preferences and lifestyles.

This trend towards shorter, more flexible workout options reflects the busy lifestyles of modern users, who seek effective, time-efficient workouts that can fit into their schedules. Interestingly, when experimental or browsing behaviour was accounted for, it was found that 70% of all streams were 20 minutes or less, suggesting that the ideal virtual workout length is around 20 minutes.

Workout trends are evolving to accommodate flexible schedules, particularly with regards to shorter workout durations and home-based fitness routines. Flexibility is one of the key advantages of digital fitness, allowing individuals to access their preferred workouts at any time, from anywhere. The data suggests that offering a wide range of accessible content around the clock is essential for meeting user needs. Moreover, users are setting aside specific time slots for home workouts, indicating a shift towards integrating fitness into daily schedules rather than relying solely on gym attendance. 

Analysis of workout patterns over the year revealed interesting insights into when users prefer to engage with digital fitness. Morning sessions were the most popular, indicating a preference to start the day with physical activity. Late-night workouts also saw high engagement, likely due to the quieter hours offering uninterrupted time for exercise. 

This adaptation to flexible schedules is further underscored by users combining shorter workouts to form longer sessions, showcasing a desire for tailored fitness experiences that align with individual time constraints and preferences.

The data also highlighted seasonal peaks in motivation, with January and August being the most active months, suggesting a link between new year resolutions and post-summer holiday fitness spurts.

4. Favourite Workouts: Diverse Interests Shape the Fitness Landscape

Diverse interests are shaping the fitness landscape, leading to a broader range of workout options and preferences. The review showcases a broad range of popular workouts, with strength training, yoga, and cardio sessions topping the list. This diversity reflects the varied interests and goals of digital fitness users.

We are also seeing a shift towards softer aspects of fitness, such as wellness and wellbeing, alongside traditional workout routines aimed at specific outcomes like weight loss or muscle gain. This indicates that users are seeking holistic fitness experiences that cater to their overall health and happiness, rather than solely focusing on physical results.

New and emerging workout trend categories continue to attract users seeking diverse fitness experiences, encompassing a wide range of workout styles, durations, and goals. 

“We need to constantly deliver those bread-and-butter workouts. Your strength-conditioning, cardio, boot camp, with a touch of yoga, with a touch of pilates, you know, those kinds of classes.” 

~ Morten Andersen, Wexer Global Head of Content ~

In terms of specific workouts, there was a wide variation in popularity across different categories and styles. Zumba, yoga, and HIIT sessions were among the most viewed, with titles like “Zumba 101: Think you can’t dance?” and “15-Minute Post-Workout Yoga Stretch” topping the list. This variety indicates a diverse user base with varied fitness goals and preferences, from dance and high-intensity workouts to yoga and meditation. The success of these titles also highlights the importance of offering a well-rounded workout library that caters to all aspects of fitness and wellness.

2024 Digital Fitness Insights

In 2024, digital fitness insights are poised to continue its evolution towards personalized and holistic experiences tailored to individual needs and preferences. With a growing emphasis on wellness and wellbeing alongside traditional workout routines, users can expect a diverse array of options aimed at promoting overall health and happiness. Shorter workout durations will remain popular, reflecting the trend towards time-efficient exercise routines that accommodate flexible schedules and lifestyles.

Additionally, advancements in technology, particularly AI-driven solutions, are expected to play a significant role in delivering personalized fitness experiences, from tailored workout programs to guiding users through their fitness journeys. As the industry embraces innovation and adapts to changing consumer demands, users can look forward to an expanding library of high-quality content that caters to their unique fitness goals and interests.

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