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Revo Leverages Digital Innovation To Expand & Engage Audience


Discover how Revo Fitness leverages digital innovation to expand its geographic audience and engage more members. By partnering with Wexer, they have experienced expansion beyond the 4 walls of their facilities by utilising digital fitness and wellness content.

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Andrew Holder, Founder and Managing Director of Revo Fitness, shares insights in this podcast with Paul Bowman, Wexer CEO, on his mission to revolutionise digital fitness. Motivated by his family’s entrepreneurial spirit, Holder has grown Revo Fitness into a thriving fitness empire, which boasts 10K+ downloads of their fitness app and will include fifty facilities by the end of 2024.

Revo Fitness promotes a welcoming, inclusive environment in all its gyms, ensuring everyone feels accepted and safe. The brand’s digital and physical offerings aim to cater to diverse fitness preferences, promoting well-being and community.

Growth Strategies to Revolutionise Digital Fitness

A crucial aspect of Revo Fitness’s strategy is its commitment to scalability and sustainability. Realising that physical expansion is limited by real estate constraints, Andrew and his team embraced digital innovation to broaden their audience’s reach beyond their geographic area. Launching the Revo Fitness app and partnering with tech companies like Wexer and EGYM, they are extending services beyond physical gym locations. They provide more members with remote access to content anytime and anywhere.

Andrew’s focus on continuous improvement and innovation propels Revo Fitness’s strategy forward. By fostering a collaborative culture and open communication within the organisation, Andrew encourages team members to contribute ideas and insights, ensuring agility and responsiveness to changing consumer preferences and market trends.

Member-Centric Approach to Fitness

Revo Fitness’s member-centric approach drives every aspect of its operations and service offerings. Andrew Holder’s upbringing in a small business environment instilled in him a deep understanding of the value of personalised service and customer satisfaction. This foundational principle is reflected in Revo Fitness’s commitment to putting its members first, prioritising their needs, preferences, and overall experience.

Central to Revo Fitness’s member-centric approach is its dedication to fostering a sense of community and belonging among its members. By cultivating a vibrant community through social events, group fitness classes, and online forums, Revo Fitness not only promotes accountability and motivation but also fosters long-lasting connections among its members.

Furthermore, Revo Fitness extends beyond the physical gym space to encompass digital platforms and engagement strategies. The data generated from the digital app allows them to fine-tune digital content based on member use and preferences. The development of the Revo Fitness app aims to revolutionise digital fitness by providing convenient access to fitness resources, personalised workout plans, and community engagement features.

“The whole idea of the app is to take some of the responsibility off the employees so the employees can really focus on the member experience.”

~ Andrew Holder, Founder & Managing Director, Revo Fitness ~

Digital Fitness App Leverages Digital Innovation

Revo Fitness’s digital transformation mirrors an industry-wide trend towards digitalisation and virtual fitness solutions. As the fitness landscape evolves, consumers demand flexibility, convenience, and personalised experiences. Revo Fitness’s commitment to digital innovation meets these demands, allowing members to access fitness content and engage with the community at their convenience.

Features such as self-led Pilates reformer, massage chairs, and Evolve body scanners integrated into the app illustrate a forward-thinking approach to meeting member needs and enhancing the fitness experience. The app’s rapid success, with close to 30,000 downloads within 6 weeks, highlights the demand for digital fitness solutions. By leveraging technology to overcome physical boundaries, Revo Fitness taps into new markets and demographics beyond traditional gym locations. 

Positive Impact of Exercise

Revo Fitness emphasises the transformative power of exercise, recognising its profound impact on both physical well-being and mental health. Andrew attributes his inspiration to the ethos instilled in him while working in his family’s indoor sports business. This upbringing instilled a deep appreciation for the holistic benefits of staying active, driving him to establish his platform where individuals can prioritise their health comprehensively.

Within the Revo Fitness community, exercise is celebrated not just for its ability to sculpt bodies but also for its profound effects on mental clarity and emotional well-being. The company operates under the belief that a regular fitness routine can serve as a potent tool for managing stress, boosting mood, and fostering resilience. From its facility design to its programming, Revo Fitness aims to revolutionise digital fitness by ensuring that members have access to resources that support both their physical and mental health goals.

By cultivating a culture that prioritises mental wellness alongside physical fitness, Andrew aims to empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Through innovative programming, supportive community initiatives, and a welcoming environment, Revo Fitness endeavours to be more than just a gym but a beacon of holistic health and well-being in the communities it serves.

One prominent trend highlighted by Holder is the growing popularity of digital fitness solutions and the integration of technology into traditional gym settings. As consumers seek more flexibility and convenience in their fitness routines, the demand for virtual workout options has surged.

Recognising this trend, Revo Fitness works to revolutionise digital fitness by developing its own fitness app. This will provide members with on-the-go access to work out plans, progress tracking tools, and community engagement features. Strategic investments in digital infrastructure not only enhances the member experience but also ensures that Revo Fitness remains competitive in an increasingly tech-driven industry.

As individuals become more health-conscious and mindful of their overall well-being, there is a growing demand for fitness facilities that offer a comprehensive approach to wellness, encompassing mental, emotional, and social aspects. In response to this cultural shift, Revo Fitness has expanded its service offerings to include a diverse range of group fitness classes, wellness workshops, and community events aimed at promoting holistic health and fostering a sense of belonging among members.

Revolutionise Digital Innovation

Andrew Holder’s journey exemplifies the importance of adaptability, innovation, and a member-centric approach in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the fitness industry. Through a combination of physical expansion, digital innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence, Revo Fitness maintains its position as a fitness industry leader, poised for sustained growth and success in the future.

About Revo Fitness

Founded in 2012, Revo Fitness has 31 gyms spread across Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria. Revo Fitness is rapidly expanding. Read about the Revo and Wexer partnership.

The Revo App powered by Wexer allows Level Two Revo Fitness members to access thousands of guided, expert-led workouts. This will create a full-service digital offering that empowers members to achieve their fitness goals wherever and whenever they please. With Wexer’s extensive library of expert-led workouts, customisable platforms, and data-driven insights, Revo Fitness will now be able to engage and motivate their members more effectively.

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