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Wexer & Livewire: Leading Immersive Studio Fitness Experience


In the constant search for the best and most engaging content for its users, Wexer is proud to announce a partnership with renowned producer Livewire, a Dubai-based leader in B2B fitness content creation known for its high-quality, engaging, and dynamic workout videos.

This partnership introduces over 150 workouts from Livewire’s extensive library to the Wexer platforms, with plans to expand the selection to more than 350 workouts. Livewire’s approach to fitness content, leveraging cutting-edge green screen technology, stands to redefine the virtual workout experience for users around the globe.

Key Factors For Livewire’s Success

Delving deeper into the aspects that set Livewire apart in the digital fitness space, we uncover the intricate layers of technology, creativity, and variety that contribute to their standout offering.

1. Quality Technology in Production

Livewire’s utilization of green screen technology is a cornerstone of their production quality, enabling the creation of dynamic and immersive backgrounds. This technology allows for a level of visual customization that traditional filming environments cannot match. By employing green screens, Livewire can transport participants to virtually any setting, enhancing the workout experience and making it more engaging. This method not only captivates users but also significantly differentiates Livewire’s content in a digital landscape brimming with fitness options. The clear, high-definition video quality, combined with meticulously crafted backdrops, ensures that each workout is not just a physical activity but a visually enthralling journey.

“Livewire has perfected the art of the studio workout. The look and feel of both the studio and the backgrounds using green-screen technology ensures a modern brand value, which we’re excited to offer on the Wexer platforms.”

~ Morten Andersen, Wexer – Head of Content ~

The advanced production technology extends beyond green screens, incorporating professional lighting, sound engineering, and high-definition cameras. This comprehensive approach to production ensures that every detail, from the clarity of the instructor’s voice to the vividness of the visual elements, is optimized for user engagement and satisfaction.

2. Studio-Based Workouts: Dynamic and Visually Striking

Livewire’s studio-based workouts are a testament to the company’s commitment to creating visually striking and dynamic content. These workouts are filmed in state-of-the-art studios, specifically designed to leverage green screen technology and advanced filming techniques. The result is a collection of workouts that are not only physically stimulating but also aesthetically pleasing and immersive.

“You can’t beat experience and Livewire join Wexer with an abundance of experience from delivering both live and virtual workouts. It really shows in the workouts and we’re excited to bring this onto the platform.” 

~ Morten Andersen, Head of Content ~

The dynamic nature of these studio-based workouts comes from the ability to constantly change backgrounds and visual themes, keeping the content fresh and exciting. Whether it’s a high-intensity interval training session set against the backdrop of a bustling cityscape or a yoga class amidst serene natural landscapes, the visual variety keeps users motivated and engaged. This level of visual production quality is particularly effective in replicating the atmosphere of live classes, making users feel as though they are part of a larger, interactive fitness community, even from the comfort of their own homes.

3. Extensive Library of Fitness Content

Livewire’s extensive library, featuring over 1500 classes and planned expansions, underscores its role as a comprehensive source for fitness content​​. This library spans almost all workout modalities, offering users a diverse range of options to choose from. Whether one prefers the fast-paced challenge of high-intensity interval training, the strength-building focus of weight training, the flexibility and mindfulness of yoga, or the endurance test of cycling classes, Livewire’s library caters to all interests and fitness levels.

The breadth and depth of Livewire’s content ensure that users can find workouts that not only match their fitness goals but also their mood and preferences on any given day. This versatility is key to maintaining user engagement over time, encouraging a sustainable fitness routine that can adapt to changing needs and interests. Furthermore, the inclusion of both live and on-demand classes offers flexibility, allowing users to choose the format that best fits their schedule and lifestyle.

“Working out should also be about variability and trying new things. Livewire will bring depth and width into the Wexer library that will benefit our partner clubs and users tremendously”

~ Morten Andersen, Wexer – Head of Content ~

4. Exceptional Instructor Talent

Livewire’s roster of talent is meticulously curated. Featuring hand-picked instructors from across the globe, they are from regions such as the US, Europe, South Africa, and Canada. The trainers are not only recognized for their significant coaching experience, but also for their ability to connect with participants through the camera lens. Housed in the state-of-the-art production studio in Dubai, UAE, they receive specialized training under the guidance of industry leaders. This ensures that every Livewire workout is not just physically rewarding but also an exceptional viewing experience.

“Teaching on camera is not easy and if anyone is to immerse themselves into a virtual workout, the trainer plays a critical role. I’m really impressed with the trainers from Livewire and I’m sure our users will notice how confidently and safely the workouts are delivered.”

~ Morten Andersen, Head of Content ~

Looking Ahead

The partnership between Wexer and Livewire is more than just a collaboration; it’s a forward-thinking initiative that promises to bring depth and diversity to the Wexer library. As the library grows, partner clubs and users alike stand to benefit immensely from this rich reservoir of premium fitness content.

Livewire sets a high bar in the industry with advanced production technology, dynamic studio-based workouts, and an extensive and diverse content library. These elements combine to offer a fitness experience to help achieve physical health goals, while creating engaging and enjoyable content to encourage users to return regularly.

With Livewire’s commitment to quality, innovation, and engagement, the future of virtual fitness looks brighter than ever. Let us help you develop your fitness content strategy and provide the best content for your business. Email usINFO@WEXER.COM

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