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New virtual boxing classes from BOXX


By Karen Mason

BOXX have released 4 new virtual boxing classes with Louis Rennocks and Esmee Gummer for your virtual fitness players.

The 4 classes have been designed for a range of abilities and at 30 minutes each are easy to fit into even the busiest schedules.

BOXXHIIT Total – Louis and Esmee take you through intense rounds of Shadowboxing and HIIT. Expect a killer mind body workout that will relieve stress and leave you feeling like a champ!

BOXXHIIT Beginners – Esmee guides you through all the basic punches plus HIIT moves to get you raising that heart rate and feeling super confident!

BOXXKICK – Louis and Esmee go hard by combining rounds of MMA combos with HIIT. Expect to feel super sweaty and fully empowered by the knockout round!

BOXXPLIYO – Louis and Esmee return for an explosive plyometric session. This is the ultimate fat burning, sweat dripping, high intensity workout!

For more information about the new classes please get in touch here



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