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Virtual fitness content partners see quarter on quarter revenue growth with Wexer


The ability for content providers to make money through virtual fitness is directly related to the quality and quantity of the content being produced.

Today we have calculated that every single one of our content partners has enjoyed revenue growth in each quarter since joining the Wexer platform.

If you follow our newsletter, you’ll have read some unique research summaries that explore virtual content usage and which categories are in highest demand. Yet, the tricky thing about virtual content is that different classes will appeal to different members.

At Wexer, we currently offer more than 800 virtual classes – in comparison to some of our competitors who offer between 12 and 60. Much of our content is exclusive and therefore unavailable through other virtual fitness providers.

Our personalised approach means your members will have access to a library of content which is relevant to them. And by working with the leading providers in the market, we are able to offer consistently high-quality virtual content, led by the leading fitness choreographers and instructors worldwide.

Going forward, we will continue to collaborate with only the best virtual content providers in the market. We have relentlessly high standards, continually raise the bar and strive to make world-class exercise accessible to more people by providing a convenient and non-intimidating way to exercise through the use of technology.

Paul Bowman



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