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McFit’s CYBEROBICS® Partners With Wexer to Launch Premium Model


CYBEROBICS® – the virtual fitness division of German giant the McFIT Global Group, which also includes health club chains McFIT and JOHN REED Fitness Music Clubs – has announced an exclusive new partnership with digital fitness specialist Wexer, which will see the two brands jointly launching a premium virtual studio concept.

Branded ‘CYBEROBICS®, powered by Wexer’, the new model is based on creating premium, standalone CYBEROBICS® virtual studios within clubs – not just McFIT clubs, but any club around the world.

These studios will offer members access to the full CYBEROBICS® class library – cinematic quality content that has been shot in inspirational locations ranging from Miami’s South Beach to Malibu to the Mojave Desert.

McFIT originally conceived CYBEROBICS® in 2014, subsequently introducing it at over 170 of its own clubs. However, this is the first time the world-class content has been made available to a broader audience.

The new ’CYBEROBICS®, powered by Wexer’ concept comes with clear brand guidelines and installation specifications to ensure its carefully designed, premium experience is delivered every time.

Paul Bowman, CEO for Wexer, comments: “Gyms will need to meet a minimum standard of AV to deliver the full ’CYBEROBICS®, powered by Wexer’ experience – and it really is a fantastic experience. It’s been created as a premium package, with world-class CYBEROBICS® classes – unavailable on any other platform – delivered in an engaging and uniquely designed space.”

Speaking on behalf of CYBEROBICS®, managing director Oliver Schulokat said: “With Wexer’s rapid growth in technology, they were an obvious partner for us as we accelerate global distribution of the CYBEROBICS® content. Together, we’re making world-class exercise accessible to more people.”

‘CYBEROBICS®, powered by Wexer’ is now exclusively available as a premium package on the Wexer platform.

For more information contact Wexer.



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