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Wexer acquires Fitness First subsidiary, Connected Fitness Labs


Wexer, a global leader in digital fitness technology, today announced its acquisition of London-based mobile app development company Connected Fitness Labs (CFL).

The move is further evidence of Wexer’s strong growth ambitions, consolidating its position as a one-stop shop for health club operators seeking a digital fitness solution to future-proof their businesses.

CFL – previously a standalone subsidiary of Fitness First – initially entered into a partnership agreement with Wexer in May 2016 to create a B2B mobile fitness app for club groups: Wexer Mobile.

The app has already been introduced by leading brands such as Fitness First Asia, which has used it to create digital memberships – a strategy that has allowed it both to enhance its service to existing members, giving 24/7 access to quality-controlled fitness content and expertise, and to grow revenue by reaching out to new audiences and new markets.

The acquisition of CFL will now enable Wexer to take sole control of the Wexer Mobile app, fully integrating it into its digital fitness solution – a solution that already spans virtual classes (Wexer Virtual), gym floor training (Wexer Trainer), live streaming (Wexer Broadband) and tracking of virtual participation (Wexer Count), as well as the app.

“Bringing CFL under the Wexer umbrella allows us to become a true one-stop shop for digital fitness,” confirmed Paul Bowman, CEO of Wexer. “It represents a new opportunity for operators to bring together all the facets of their offering into one seamless digital experience, broadening the reach and scope of their brands and helping them stay relevant in a rapidly evolving digital market.

“It also allows us to take full control of the app’s evolution, paving the way for exciting new developments and allowing us to continually refine and enhance the service as the virtual fitness market evolves.

“And of course, app clients will now have access to the full Wexer service, including account management, marketing and round-the-clock tech support.”

Speaking on behalf of Fitness First, Oren Peleg the Group CEO said: “To date we have successfully worked with Wexer to develop an integrated market leading digital solution for club operators. But single ownership of this product is the way forward to continue to drive innovation and accelerate distribution. We wish Wexer all the best in transforming the digital fitness industry.”

The integration of the two companies will take place over the next few weeks. “Our clients will continue to receive the same high-quality service they have come to expect,” confirmed Bowman. “But we now also have a significant opportunity to accelerate Wexer’s growth, and with it help more operators around the world to harness the power of digital fitness to future-proof their businesses.”


For more information about Wexer Mobile please contact Daniel Waide – daniel.waide@www.wexer.com



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