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This acquisition will transform the digital fitness landscape


When was the last time you felt genuinely excited by something that happened at work?I can safely say that today is the most excited I’ve been in my professional life, and that’s because we’ve just completed a deal that has been many, many months in the making: the acquisition of mobile app development company CFL (Connected Fitness Labs).So why am I so excited by this, given that we already had a strong partnership with CFL – one that had already seen the creation of Wexer Mobile, our ground-breaking fitness app for health club groups?There are many reasons of course, but one key reason is that the acquisition consolidates Wexer’s position as a one-stop shop for any health club operator seeking a digital fitness solution to future-proof their business.

How does it do this?

By giving us sole control of all aspects of the Wexer offering: virtual classes (Wexer Virtual), gym floor training (Wexer Trainer), live streaming (Wexer Broadcast), and now Wexer Mobile. It allows us to create a seamless digital experience – one that integrates perfectly with an operator’s physical offering, extending the reach of health club brands far beyond their traditional boundaries.

That’s why I believe today’s announcement is exciting not only for us, but for the health and fitness sector as a whole.

We’ve already worked with a number of health club brands to create digital memberships through the Wexer Mobile app – a strategy that has allowed them both to enhance their service to existing members, providing 24/7 access to high-quality fitness content and expertise, and to grow revenue by reaching out to new audiences and new markets.

And that’s just the beginning.

We have huge plans for this app moving forward, and taking ownership means we’re able to make them a reality. As the virtual fitness market evolves – which it does constantly – we will continually develop and enhance all aspects of our service, working with our growing network of partners to deliver a digital ecosystem that ensures an enduring relevance for gyms in a tech-driven world. I believe we’re in a unique position to do this.With our app specifically, we have an opportunity to create digital memberships that will get millions more people moving around the world. Digital memberships that will enable operators to connect with their members wherever in the world they may be, bringing world-class fitness content and expertise into the palm of people’s hands.It’s no overstatement to say we’re setting out to transform the digital fitness industry, unlocking its potential to exponentially grow the reach of health club brands. This acquisition is a key step towards achieving this – and it’s why I, and the whole Wexer team, are so excited.

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