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Why short format classes are changing workout habits


Traditional group exercise models heavily influenced the production of virtual training only a few years ago,” says Morten Andersen, global head of content and account management for Wexer. “Now, virtual workouts are offered all the way down to 10-minute workouts, and this is fundamentally changing the way people work out.

Innovation to meet demand

Innovation in class length has always been a key feature of Move123 classes, which has been available on the Wexer platform for the last two years. Now, further evolution has resulted from the strong partnership between Wexer and its premium content provider.

Andersen explains: “Using Wexer’s comprehensive usage data, we’ve been able to identify global patterns: the trends and habits of Wexer users across 40+ countries. We’ve then shared this information with Move123 who, thanks to their ever-more sophisticated production set-up, have been able to evolve their class offering to ensure the end user has the best possible experience.”

Move123 is about to launch 70 new classes, driven by a desire to offer even more of the most in-demand classes. It’s about ensuring continued variety and new inspiration across the most popular categories and class types.”

Move123 really do have a truly impressive production ability, which means that together we can support emerging trends to the benefit of members and clubs.”

The 70 new classes will be available from January 2019, with all categories set to be updated – Cardio, Fight, Dance, Strength, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Stretch. The class library will also be refreshed across all class durations –10, 20 and 30 minutes – to ensure all options are always available.

Changing the way we workout

Andersen continues: “The length of virtual workouts, and the variation in duration, is becoming more and more important.In fact, the varying durations provided by Move123 have helped transform virtual fitness usage patterns.”

“With the shorter classes that are now available, we’re seeing members use virtual as part of a broader workout, rather than choosing either virtual classes or other gym-based activities. For example, we’re now seeing a lot of members switching their cardio on a treadmill for a 20-minute high-intensity virtual class, before moving on to doing some weights or core work. “

Move123 has been a key influencer in driving – and catering for – this shift in motivation, and the resulting growing interest in virtual classes.

Designed for clubs, by clubs

But the innovation in class length hasn’t only been shaped with the end user in mind. There are also benefits for club operators, as Andersen explains: “Move123 was set up by fitness professionals with more than 100 years’ combined fitness industry experience. The content is designed specifically for clubs, by clubs,and addresses some common issues.

For example, class durations are designed to make scheduling easy: 30-minute classes run for 27 minutes, while 10-minute classes run for 8.5 minutes,meaning there’s time for set-up and packing away within the class slot. And in any case, all classes require either no or minimal equipment, and classes that use minimal equipment offer a body weight option too, which really does make the operational side of things very easy.

All this means that operators can run a round-the-clock timetable, packed full of different class types and durations to ensure there’s something for everyone,without wasting any time – the empty slots they might otherwise have to leave between classes to allow for pack-up and set-up.

Meaningful workouts for seniors

Finally, already available on the Wexer platform from this month is a new Silver Collection from Move123. Designed specifically for an older audience, this collection of 20 classes features workouts that include both standing and seated options, ensuring the needs and abilities of almost every member can be met – in turn allowing more clubs to offer meaningful workouts to their senior members.

All Move123 classes are available on the Wexer in-club virtual class platform, as well as the new Wexer Web Player for out-of-club use, which will be available from next month.

To find out more, please email morten@wexer.com



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