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ClubVirtual Becomes CycleMasters


CycleMasters will launch on Wexer and offer updated workouts and improved production quality. Members can still enjoy the ClubVirtual classes, as the most popular classes will remain on the platform.

Exactly 10 years ago, ClubVirtual produced its first virtual cycling lessons, leading to a decade of fast, virtual pedaling with popular instructors, powerful workouts and scenic routes. Now, 10 years later, it is time to take the next step into the future of indoor cycling.

ClubVirtual will become CycleMasters. Behind the change of name is a desire to emphasize what the company does best – offer excellent cycling classes! Wexer will carry the full range of CycleMasters classes to ensure the best cycling class options are made available for partner clubs.

What does this mean for you?

1.Improved Production

Using the experience from a decade of production, CycleMasters continues to raise the bar for production, making sure riders enjoy an immersive experience with content from some of the most beautiful cycling regions and places in the world.

Workouts will still feature curated instructors, who have been carefully selected to motivate and guide the riders safely through each workout.


2. More Workout Styles

CycleMasters have adjusted the categories and levels to match the feedback and usage patterns picked up through the extensive data collected from clubs. This will provide more variety for members as well as a greater opportunity to target the desired outcome for the training. The collection will include:

  • Beginner – 20 or 45-minute lessons for beginners
  • HIIT – Short 20-minute lessons with a high intensity
  • Cardio Interval – 20 or 45-minute lessons
  • Endurance – 90-minute lessons

The on-screen performance data has also been updated. The information and instructions have moved from the left to the top of the screen. The country and location of the chosen lesson will constantly be visible in the lower-left corner. Additionally, the new CycleMasters lessons are also showing the RPM values of the instructor.

3. New Releases Added Regularly


CycleMasters will be an ongoing production to constantly add new workouts to the channel. The team of instructors will be expanded for the most requested languages – including English, French, and Dutch – to keep up with demand. Members can look forward to 20 new releases per language in 2019!

4. Access to ClubVirtual Classes

As the CycleMasters channel is launched on Wexer in early January, clubs will still have access to ClubVirtual content. CycleMasters are focusing on creating new and updated versions of some of the most popular classes from the ClubVirtual library. These will slowly replace the older workouts in the ClubVirtual library to make sure members always have the best and most updated classes available.

With each release of CycleMasters, we will make sure we inform partners on any ClubVirtual titles due to be replaced.

For more information, please email: morten.andersen@wexer.com



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