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Here’s how we’ll keep your class offering eye-catchingly fresh


It’s always nice to have a new workout to do – something that keeps things fresh, keeps your mind and body stimulated, keeps your motivation levels high.

That’s why Wexer prides itself on the strength in depth of its on-demand group exercise library. We often talk about having over 900 world-leading classes on our system, but these aren’t just the same old classes repeated from month to month. We want everyone to have access to the very latest titles, which is why our world-leading content partners commit to providing us with fresh new releases each quarter. And that’s not all: we’re also continually signing up exciting new partners to bring the latest group exercise innovations to our platform.

Ultimately, we want to ensure that end users of Wexer always have something new to try, whatever it is they love to do – whether they look for a different style of workout each time, or whether they simply want variety and fresh challenges within their favourite, go-to discipline.

So, there’s a regular flow of fantastic new classes coming into the Wexer universe; we added 1,500 classes to our Library in 2018 alone.

As our world-class Library has continued to expand, we’ve been looking at ways to ensure there’s space on your Wexer Player to welcome the latest, greatest content. The result is a fantastic new piece of AI-based technology that analyses the virtual class usage at your club, identifying content on your Wexer Player that is older and no longer used. This is then extracted from the system and automatically replaced with the latest class releases; of course, any virtual classes in your current schedule will be protected, however old they might be.

This simple but efficient new solution ensures your Wexer Player will always be full of the latest, most relevant content for your club.

And all of this happens behind the scenes, quietly and without interrupting the delivery of any of your virtual classes.

Keeping your group exercise offering fresh and up-to-date has never been easier.

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