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When it comes to hotels, why shouldn’t every room be a fitness room?


As wellness becomes ever-more entrenched in people’s everyday decisions and lifestyles, we’re seeing leading hotel brands across the globe taking special measures to meet traveller demands. Fitness rooms are a great example. Essentially a room upgrade, these bedrooms offer a small selection of gym equipment – from free weights to Swiss balls and yoga mats, occasionally a bike too – to help guests keep up their workout regimes while they’re away from home.

But there are vital ingredients missing from the majority of these fitness rooms: motivation, guidance, workout variety… All boxes that can be ticked by group exercise.

So… how do you bring the power of group training to a solo exerciser in a hotel room?

The simple answer: Wexer Web Player.

This password-protected web portal provides access to 500+ high-quality virtual group classes, all led by the world’s top instructors. Fancy a core blast, a HIIT session or a chance to press re-set in a meditation class? Check, check and check. Don’t have time for a long workout? Choose from our selection of 10- and 15-minute classes.

Even better, the easy-to-navigate class library can be curated to reflect the equipment available in your guest rooms. You can also highlight guest favourites, based on automatically collated usage data, should you wish to offer a few tailored suggestions to get people started.

It’s the perfect solution for hotels behind the scenes too. A standalone product, the Wexer Web Player is simple and cost-effective to implement, with no tech integrations needed. And it’s easy to manage, with a wide variety of access options from which to choose: unique promo codes that unlock passes for a single class, a day, a week’s stay; plus an option to either charge for classes as a premium service, or else offer them for free as a way of enhancing the guest experience.

Want to offer virtual classes to hotel guests while they’re out of the hotel too? That’s fine: the Wexer Web Player can be accessed via any internet-enabled device, from mobile phones to tablets and laptops, and easily linked to from your hotel’s existing website or app.

Finally, the whole thing can be white labelled, so guests perceive it as a true value-added proposition from their hotel of choice.

To find out more, please contact us at: info@wexer.com



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