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Wexer Body Bike: A new world-class indoor cycling experience


Your bike your ride – any time anywhere

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Wexer and Body Bike have announced plans to unite their market-leading technologies to launch an exciting new product: the Wexer Body Bike.

The Wexer Body Bike has been designed as a standalone product that allows operators to harness the power of virtual group cycling – even where a full studio isn’t an option.

The bike features all the market-leading technology you’d expect from Body Bike, but with an important added feature: an integrated screen through which users can access a specially curated, pre-loaded collection of Wexer’s best virtual cycling classes.

Whether on the gym floor of a mainstream club, in a corporate facility, hotel gym or hotel room, the Wexer Body Bike delivers the full buzz and engagement of group cycling to those working out independently. The user simply jumps on, selects a class and rides.

For those interested in performance data, the tech integration with Body Bike means all user metrics – from power to cadence, calories to distance – can be shown on the screen.

Finally, there’s an optional 180° swivel on the screen, which allows for floor-based training in front of the bike where appropriate. Once again drawing from the extensive Wexer class library, these floor-based workouts – focused on strength and stretching – are specially curated to complement a cycling workout; the user is encouraged to select one of these classes on completion of their ride.

In this way, the Wexer Body Bike allows for a fully independent – yet expert-led and highly motivational – full-body workout, wherever the user may be.

Should operators wish to create a new revenue stream, they can also sell the bike – which can white labelled with the operator’s own branding – to any interested members. This further enhances and diversifies the workout options available as part of a digital or hybrid in-club/digital membership package.

The bike’s industrial-grade screen has been designed for durability and reliability, while the programming is supported by Wexer’s highly robust virtual platform. This combination of first-class hardware and software drives the same reliability in the bike as customers around the world have already come to expect from Wexer: 99.9% uptime across all clients in over 50 countries.

“We’re bringing together the best products on the market – the best bike, the best virtual system and the best cycling classes – to deliver an indoor cycling experience like no other,” says Kim Hessellund, Director and Owner of Body Bike. “Whatever the constraints of your club or fitness facility, you can now offer world-class indoor cycling to your customers.”


For more information get in touch at: info@wexer.com



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