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Wexer: Scaling to support sector growth


You may already have seen this stat, but let us share it with you again in case you missed it: In 2019, we saw a 66% growth in the number of Wexer Virtual classes being run around the world, up to almost 10 million from 6 million in 2018.

Meanwhile, our mobile revenues grew by 59% last year, and that figure looks set to rocket in 2020 with a number of major clients already set to roll out mobile offerings in collaboration with Wexer.

All of that is important not just as an exciting story of company and digital fitness sector growth, but also because it is the backdrop against which our three new team members joined Wexer in January. Their appointments aren’t just exciting for us as a company. They reflect a tipping point for digital fitness as a whole.

Indeed, with more and more fitness providers recognising the impact that digital can have at every key touchpoint along the customer journey, we believe 2020 will be the year of execution – the year when the balance finally tips and we see fitness following the lead of other industries, dovetailing digital and physical at scale.

We have the team in place to support and drive that forward.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to our new joiners…

Vanda Lengyel joins us as Technical Project Manager, supporting our CTO across the full and growing Wexer ecosystem – from Wexer Virtual to the Wexer Web Player to Wexer Mobile. We may already have the most robust, reliable platform on the market. We may already have created an entire digital journey, with integrated products allowing more people to consume world-class fitness however and whenever they choose. But we believe even the best can be made better still, and that’s why we continue to invest heavily in our tech team.

Hope Henderson is our new UK Business Development Executive for the Wexer Web Player, joining the team just as we roll this exciting new product across all verticals: fitness, hospitality, corporate, education. With its perfect combination of variety and convenience for the end user, cost-effectiveness and utter ease of implementation for the provider, this white label class-streaming platform is set to boom in 2020 and beyond.

Last but not least, our new Marketing Account Manager Benji Hamilton-Rhys has hit the ground running in the realm of Wexer Mobile. With, as mentioned above, a number of clients rolling out mobile offerings this year, Benji will be on-hand to help drive the success of these projects. His role: to ensure clubs have all the marketing support they need to maximise digital subscriber numbers, drive ongoing usage of the app, and harness the power of this channel to support broader business objectives.

So, there you have it. Three exciting appointments, driven by an equally exciting reason why those appointments needed to be made: 2020 is set to be the year of digital execution, and our growing team is here to help!


For more information you can contact us at: info@wexer.com



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