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Fitness anywhere


Exercise is everywhere nowadays. Whether it’s streamed videos or social media influencers, fitness apps or online weight-loss programmes, activity provision is no more than the click of a button away.

Has your bricks-and-mortar fitness operation responded?

Because this societal gear shift needn’t be the threat to your business that it might, at face value, seem. In fact, technology could be the very thing that future-proofs your business for years to come.

Here’s why.

Consumers are already riding the wave of the digitisation of fitness. This is no longer a bricks and mortar sector. There’s already a whole new category of membership – digital members – who are out there right now seeking fitness programming and advice through non-traditional channels.

Embracing a hybrid model – one that perfectly combines physical and digital, taking the expertise of your club and your people out to exercisers wherever they are, and through whichever channels they want to consume it – is arguably the way to remain relevant in the face of rapidly changing consumer expectations.

It’s about delivering fitness the way consumers now demand it: any time, anywhere, at-their-fingertips convenient, utterly flexible, on their terms.

This is the era of Fitness Anywhere.

And that requires a digital strategy – the adoption of technology that can act as a bridge between you and your members, allowing them to come to your facilities when that works for them, but also allowing them, at any point, to instantly enter an equally world-class online experience that comes with the reassuring hallmark of your brand.

And this is where Wexer can help, with an ecosystem that bridges in-club to out-of-club in such a seamless way that the customer journey is unbroken.

From in-club virtual group exercise through the Wexer Virtual platform, with its 1,500+ classes from the world’s top instructors; to the white label-able Wexer Web Player, which allows users to stream their choice of hundreds of these same virtual classes – any time, anywhere, to any internet-enabled device – to ensure their workout experience outside of the club directly mirrors their experience inside your club.

And then there’s the Wexer Mobile app, which offers not only on-demand and live streamed group exercise but 24/7 access to other fitness content too, from personal transformation programmes to challenges, activity tracking to a workout builder tool – and all from a brand your members recognise and trust. Yours.

This isn’t just the future of fitness. It’s the fitness present.

The time to open yourself up to exercisers – however, whenever and wherever they want to consume your expertise, advice and programmes – is right now.

Welcome to the world of Fitness Anywhere.




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