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Love Intelligent Cycling? It’s now better than ever


As a Wexer customer, you will no doubt be familiar with Intelligent Cycling – the immersive cycling classes that use futuristic on-screen footage, directly correlating with the intensity of the workouts, to motivate participants.

What you might not know is that our partner at Intelligent Cycling has just released a fresh catalogue of classes – now available on the Wexer platform – that feature a number of exciting new developments.

Enhanced virtual worlds

Intelligent Cycling has optimised the graphics of its various ‘worlds’ – the immersive virtual environments within which the classes take place. The dynamic system means there’s a constant stream of exciting new opportunities to enhance your rides.

Worlds currently available are: Space, Air, Water, Polygons, Forest, Future City, Dinosaur World and Canyon. Mineshaft is coming soon; others will follow.

Voiceovers for motivation

Every video is now available in two versions: the original style for those who simply want to immerse themselves in the cinematic experience without verbal distraction, and a new version with an instructor voice added for guidance and motivation.

This new option is designed to enhance the user experience when Intelligent Cycling films are used for virtual classes, as opposed to the backdrop for live classes.

“When our videos are used in live classes, the instructor is able to walk the room and interact with members. The riders’ focus is on the screen, on the immersive content, with the live instructor there to offer words of encouragement,” says Intelligent Cycling founder and CEO Brian Overkær. “Adding the option of an instructor’s voice to all our films is therefore a way to closely replicate this live experience for those taking part in Intelligent Cycling virtual classes.”

New-look trailers

Trying to preview a class? Where before the trailer would have focused on the workout profile, now you’ll enjoy a snapshot of the immersive world you’ll experience in the class. “It’s a far more powerful way of previewing the class,” explains Overkær.

Thumbnails for inspiration

Another new feature is the creation of a thumbnail for each class. “Think about when you go to the movies,” says Overkær. “The more powerful the poster – and the trailer, to my point above – the more likely you are to watch the movie. The same principle applies to our thumbnails. They are like posters for movies, pictures that represent each class and that are there to inspire and motivate you to do the class that’s caught your eye.”


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