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Wexer Web Player: The platform is yours


There’s an important balancing act to strike in these ‘stay at home’ days of COVID-19. As a health club operator, you want to get content out there right now – something your members can use today. But as far as possible, you also want to retain member loyalty throughout this crisis.

With the latter point in mind, it’s important that any at-home offering you provide is clearly positioned as coming from you. In brief: it needs to come from your brand.

That’s where the Wexer Web Player comes in. As a white label solution, you own the on-demand platform. This minimises the risk of losing your members to a third-party digital provider – the standalone solution you might in the short term be tempted to direct them towards, but which members may then consider a viable option for their longer-term fitness needs too.

If you want to retain loyalty, the support you offer – support that will be gratefully received in these troubled times – needs to come direct from your brand.

This is just one of 10 great reasons why Wexer Web Player should be your first choice for ‘any time, anywhere’ fitness provision. Read more here, or email us at info@wexer.com



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