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Topic 1: Management
Knowledge Management
Revenue Management Innovation
Information Systems Planning and Management
Engineering and Software Development
Human Resource Management
Tourism Management
Strategic Management Innovation
Technical Economy Management
Finance, Insurance and Services Management
Sustainability management
Hotel Management Innovation
Management of Supply Chain and Logistics
Marketing Innovation
Logistics and supply chain management
Business Administration
Technical Innovation and Management
Educational Management

Topic 2: Information Management
Business strategy and information systems
Management Information Systems
Information systems planning and management
Accounting and Financial Information System
Information Technology Management
IT Education and Society
Knowledge Management
Enterprise Information Systems-ERP
Public Policy Management
Engineering and Software Development
Project Management
Free software
Information and Communication Technology
IT and IS Innovation
Digital business and digital marketing
Innovation management

Topic 3: E-Business Engineering and Management
E-Commerce Platforms, Models and Applications
Workflows and Transactions in E-Business
Management and Engineering of IT-Enabled Services
Requirement Analysis and Modeling of E-Business Systems
Dependability and Performance of E-Business Systems
Business Performance Management
Data and Knowledge Engineering for E-Business
Mobile and Pervasive Commerce
Security, Privacy in E-Commerce
Open Source Technologies
in E-Commerce/Business/Services
E-Commerce Models, Applications and Technologies
Service Oriented Computing for E-Business

Topic 4: Theory and Practice of Modern Management
Human Resource Management
Logistics and supply chain management
Modern Marketing Management
Tourism Management
E-Commerce and corporate Infomationization
Technical Innovation and Management
Knowledge Management
Modern Quality Management

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